Website (re)design

Website (re)design

Website redesign for James Hargreaves Bathrooms.


  • The look & feel of the web site was derived from one corporate identity that can’t really serve the very different target audiences.
  • Google Analytics learns us that the previous design contains too many pages that serve no purpose but that still need updating on a regular basis.
  • The showrooms don’t have their own dedicated pages.
  • The organisation is not showcasing its own work.
  • No customer testimonials.
  • The website is not mobile-friendly.

The Solution:

A responsive website that solves all of the issues described above by eliminating unnecessary content and improving navigation, while putting more focus on the high-quality images that the organisation has access to.  
These changes went hand-in-hand with a review of the on-site SEO implementation, while starting Local SEO from scratch.

The Results:

An immediate 36% increase in unique visitors and a 133% increase in the number of Page Views. My SEO efforts resulted in top rankings for generic phrases such as “luxury bathrooms” (nationally) and locally even for the most generic “bathrooms”. 

WCCTV Website redesign and creation of FR website.

I came up with a redesign concept for WCCTV’s web site that set it apart from the competitors’ websites. Since WCCTV’s products are rather technical, I came up with an additional left-hand navigation that would guide web site visitors to the content relevant to them based on their respective sectors such as Local Authorities, Police, Traffic & Transport, Construction, etc.


The new website, in combination with off-site SEO and slightly left-field inbound marketing actions, managed to double the direct revenue from online leads year to year, while increasing the value of an online qualified lead to £1,000.

Even though I am not a coder I created the organisation’s French web site from scratch – including translations – in just a week when WCCTV urgently needed an online presence in France.

WCCTV seems to have recently again redesigned its website in order to accommodate multi-lingual administration.

The Snow Collection web site.

Please see my Online Business Development page.