SEO since 1999

Can anyone find my site?

SEO like it’s 1999!

I started doing SEO back in 1999 when Alta Vista was one of the most relevant players.  Together with GlobalSign’s Webmaster we would be using tools such as WebPosition and Webtrends in order to optimise GlobalSign’s pages  for improved search engine rankings.  It wasn’t long though before Google became the new kid on the block and its PageRank algorithm changed things for good!

When no budget… use SEO tactics

Even though WCCTV’s product were highly innovative and appealed to markets around the globe, my marketing budget didn’t allow me to wildly advertise in the hope to reach my target market(s). So, if I don’t have the money to find the prospects I better make sure they find WCCTV! This is why I decided to make WCCTV the most “findable” remote surveillance solutions supplier in the market. In parallel with the SEO efforts of the web solutions provider I would make sure that every little bit of digital media would be optimised, or should I say socialised?  E.g. every digital image would be properly named and uploaded to Flicker with a full description linking back to the targeted web page, with relevant anchor text. Before the introduction of the “nofollow” attribute by Google this was very effective. I also used Youtube and social media releases via the likes of PR Newswire, PR Web, Businesswire, Pitchengine, etc in order to quickly rank for targeted key phrases and related product launches.

Complete SEO Strategy

Definition and implementation of a low-budget, low-maintenance SEO strategy for James Hargreaves Bathrooms, the luxury bathrooms retail section of this organisation. From keyword analysis, via on-page optimisation, to local SEO, some limited link-building campaigns and social media.
With Google's algorithm being constantly updated, it is imperative to keep an eye on the ball at all times and adapt when needed.

In an effort to constantly keep myself up-to-date I am a member of DistilledU.

Local SEO

Since seeing the presentation of David Mihm at SearchLove 2012, I have spent quite some time digging deeper into the likes of Local SEO.  My OCD'ness about Local SEO even resulted in a mention on David's Blog post about Local Search Ecosystems.

I am a member of the Local U Forums which allows me to interact with some of the most reputed experts in Local SEO.