About Me

About Me

I was born in Brussels (Belgium) but am now living in Burnley (United Kingdom).  I have always been fascinated by new technologies and media.  After doing my Master’s Degree in Industrial Sciences I have spent my entire career in Marketing putting my analytical skills and scientific thinking to good use in order to come up with (online) marketing and communication plans that deliver results.

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I am also passionate about Travel and can get a little OCD when it comes to travel planning.  My Travel Blog and the amount of travel organisers and luggage on our loft both demonstrate my level of OCD’ness when it comes to going places.  My motto: Over-prepare and then Go with the Flow!
You will however notice from the last post on my Blog how much less time I have to write now that I am a dad!

My name was published at the back of Lonely Planet’s Thailand Island & Beaches, Goa and Laos guides for sending in updated and overly specific information.  And I was quite active on TripAdvisor with Reviews and Forum posts for quite a while.

A healthy mind in a healthy body… we try

To keep fit I have been doing Martial Arts for about 25 years now.  Before leaving Belgium for the United Kingdom I trained with Sensei Richard Prospero for many years.  Now I train in Muay Thai at Hakuda Gym in Burnley.