Hello, I’m Greg.  Digital Marketing & PR are what I do… amongst other things

A long, long time ago, as a kid I managed to become Belgian National Champion playing Donkey Kong Jr on CBS ColecoVision.  Yes I admit, I was a bit of a Geek and still am really.

Later in my career, while working for marchFirst (formerly known as USWeb/CKS) I was introduced to Online Marketing by Michel Bauwens, a reputed expert who made it on the (En)Rich List. This lead me to start working as the Internet Marketing Manager for GlobalSign back in 1999.

Currently I am living and working in the North of England.
The stuff I am good at: digital marketing, PR & networking, social media and SEO. Interestingly the latter three are increasingly overlapping.

Back in the 80′s kids were actually coding, on their home computers, and still now I like to get my hands dirty… well digitally speaking that is, because I’m absolutely rubbish at DIY.